Captain James Cook's Endeavour Journal and voyage aboard the Endeavour on interactive CD-ROM
A CD-ROM publication produced jointly by the National Library of Australia and the Australian National Maritime Museum

Come on a journey with Captain James Cook


A CD-ROM publication produced jointly by the National Library of Australia and the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Travel into Australia’s past.
         Come on a journey with Captain James Cook on his extraordinary voyage of discovery around the world on board the Endeavour. A digital facsimile of the full text of James Cook’s Endeavour journal is accompanied by J.C. Beaglehole’s complete, indexed transcript. Supplementary text chronicles the historical context of the voyage, the people who sailed and those that were met, the discoveries made, life on board and the ship itself.
        Fully interactive, the CD-ROM features video footage, an evocative soundtrack and 3-D panoramas to take you on a ‘virtual tour’ of the Endeavour replica. Over 1000 images appear including hundreds of artworks and items from the National Librar’'s collections. Original botanical and zoological images and specimens, charts and maps appear courtesy of the British Library and Natural History Museum.
        All in all the Endeavour CD-ROM is an exploration of the Endeavour voyage itself. Filled with historical facts and accurate scholarship it complements and adds further value to one of Australia’s most precious historical documents.
       For everyone from armchair travellers to secondary school students to researchers, this is an important reference tool and a rollicking good story!
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Reviews of the Endeavour CD-ROM

Owen Jeffries, Australian Macworld
(Five star rating ) * * * * *
“I don’t think I have seen a better piece of multimedia in all my years of reviewing software … This CD-ROM shines in its sheer volume of information and the way in which its creators have made it available … I was absolutely enthralled by the visual and aural splendour of this CD-ROM and cannot recommend it too highly. It’s proof positive that we can produce multimedia that’s as good as or better than anything available from overseas.”

Mark Butler, Computers, The Australian
“This magnificent example of Australian digital technology is a triumph for the small NLA team that laboured for four years to produce it, at every step of the way incorporating new or improved technologies as they arose, thereby cramming more context around the dis’'s central focus: Cook’s handwritten journal of his first and most famous journey of discovery … The disc represents a perfect way to provide access to this seminal document in our history, which while it has been in our possession for 50 years or so, is in such delicate condition it can be displayed or examined only rarely.”

Tony Kleu, Infotainment, The Sydney Morning Herald
(Five star rating) * * * * *
“Endeavour is far more than just a handy facsimile and transcript of Cook’s journal—it is a wonderful history lesson that gives new insight into the hardships of the old explorers and the tragic misunderstandings that set the pattern for dispossession and suppression of aboriginal people in so many lands … CD-ROM treatment brings it to life, with richly illustrated features about the history of the journal, the purpose of the voyage, the political background to 18th century expeditions, the people involved and the consequences of the voyage.”

Richard Gorrell, Hawker College, ACT
“I think I can safely recommend this CD as the best of its kind that I have recently reviewed. It is immaculately presented, eminently useable, and entirely devoid of those irritating and time consuming indulgences that afflict many a self promotional CD …
       For history teachers or students perhaps this CD’s greatest virtue its provision of both facsimile and transcribed versions of the journal, but the supplementary material is also of the highest quality, and it is packaged both conveniently and logically …
       The designers have provided easy access to glossaries and explanatory notes that are also interesting, never disrupting engagement with the text, and only rarely overlapping with information provided elsewhere …
       Here then is a challenge for teachers: to create dynamic, experiential classroom roles for Endeavour, and thus make creative use of a rich compendium.”

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